What are your Wins or Worries this week? How's the new year shaking up so far? 1.9.19-1.16.19



What’s your current state of mind? Wins, Worries, and stepping into the new year after the holiday dust has settled how are you feeling? This is the place to share what’s on your mind this week. We want to hear it!

Remember, you never know who (or how) your share might help someone else this week! :slight_smile:


Taking it really slowly easing into the new year this year is my win and trying not to judge myself for needing to! As well as doing some yoga to settle the nerves zen :slight_smile:


My current state of mind, for some reason, I am really at peace with myself. I mean I had a slight break down a couple days ago, but I got through that day, went to a meeting, and then blogged it out. I actually “paused” and really did some hard thinking before I made a bad decision. After speaking about it in that evening meeting and blogging about it, it was a huge relief. It’s really hard to do the right thing in those kinds of situations. But I feel like everything is going to be ok, im planning a big move for myself, also I powerlift so I have a lot of PR’s I’m excited to achieve this year.


Feeling good this week! One resolution of mine is to drink a big glass of water first thing in the morning (before coffee even - gasp!) and I’m nailing that goal. And my dad and I got some time together this week and it felt really nice. Normal, even. (As normal as our “new normal” can be, I guess!) A big issue for me has been his self-centeredness in recovery, and this week it felt like he was actually hearing & responding to me.


Peace of mind is a definite win @Belcherkid12! Thanks for sharing!


That’s great to hear he is actively listening to you @katie!

I applaud you for this, I can’t even find the sink before coffee in the morning :rofl:


My win this week has been getting back to working on my blog and have been writing for 30 minutes a day. I have been making a concentrated effort to stay in the moment and not let my mind drift. I have cut down on my wine this week since during the holidays I did increase my wine consumption. :hot_face:

As for worries, I am worried of my sister’s DUI court date next week but choose to redirect my thoughts tonight when I wanted to search the court site for an update.


Hahaha I hear ya! I have an alarm set for 10 minutes after I get up to remember the water thing. Otherwise I go straight to the coffee pot.


My win this week was being able to practice what I preach here on the site, and communicate effectively with my brother using CRAFT communication tips. When he has a bad day emotionally, he tends to get very negative and take everything as a personal attack. He impulsively texted me that he was moving back to Israel, looking at flights, etc. And I was able to use positive communication to help him reframe his thinking, as well as highlight the positive changes he’s made since he moved back home. Outcome: He’s still here!

My worry is that he hasn’t built a solid social network since moving home in September, and is beginning to isolate. I’m trying to work on helping him connect to others this weekend as a plan!


So far this year has been great, I’m making an active choice everyday to keep that trend going. So far my fiance has made the choice all on her own to start going to meetings. She just left for her 3rd one and she wants me to go with her tomorrow morning to one. By the end of this year I’ve vowed to be working for myself and getting out of the paycheck to paycheck cycle and out of debt. I’ve made some big strides in starting a business already. So far, can’t complain


I want to hear more :slight_smile: always an inspiration here @Dean_Acton!


Me too! When you’re ready @Dean_Acton, tell us about your business! So cool!