Have others seen their loved one change through addiction? And hoping that this is the time to change



My 25 yr old son has had a drug addiction since the age of 15. He was in and out of juvenile office then to a facility…he came home on house arrest, that didnt last long. His first time to prison was when he was 19 since then he has went back to prison 4 more times. This time being the 5th time, its heartbreaking to see how drastically he changes into something that i dont even recognize. His drug of choice was heroin, now it seems to be speed balling a shot of heroin then on top of that he will shoot meth. He is not the same person. It is like night and day…he comes home sober and clean, sometimes itll go days or once its went months, the best hearted, good, helpful and loving young man, he starts small, then within days he is wacked out, out of control, getting lost in big cities, losing his car, pretty much loses his mind, he dodges the parole officer, goes to na, rehab, counselors, od-ing…the last time was #7 on the times dying and the medical respondents brought him back, 7 times. I believe God has a purpose and a plan for he and myself! I pray, i have faith this time is the time to change!


Yes, I have seen the change in my daughter. When she is using heroin and meth she is like a horrible snake in the grass that I would never want to meet. When she is trying to stay away from the heroin I see glimpses of the daughter I once had. What is amazing to me is that my youngest son who has a very similar story to your son, came out of rehab and has now been clean for 8 months and is getting married. It was my sons 3 time in rehab and I don’t even know how many times he went to jail and prison. But when my son cleaned up my daughter said it was her turn. But, if my son can clean up after being an addict for his whole adult life, so can yours.


Thank you for giving me HOPE


I saw an extended family member go from a highly successful in business, to someone making decisions that never would have crossed their former self’s mind.

A few years later they are still working on getting the wheels back on the ground.


I’ve found it really interesting a few years into recovery to see that with my husband even when the drug use stop the underlying behaviors continue.

Though a lot has changed. One piece of advice we got early on was when rebuilding relationships to focus on the new relationship not the old. Addiction changes us all and nothing will go back to how it was. New relationships can and will grow and can be a great thing.

Sending all the <3


I have absolutely seen a change in my brother, which I never thought would be possible. He, too, was in and out of treatment from his teens through his thirties, for multiple substances. Almost three years ago he got treatment for his heroin and fentanyl addiction. Science says it can take the brain 6 months - 2 years to heal in recovery, and I’m happy to say that almost 3 years into recovery my brother is a completely new, happy, energetic, and motivated person. Not the person he was before he began using drugs, but a new, better, more mature version of himself. I never thought I’d see the light at the end of the tunnel but it does happen, and when it does it’s amazing.

Addiction brings a lot of ups and downs, but continue to be hopeful and be supportive! Sending you and your family the best.