Solutions: what has worked for you? What tips or tricks would you pass on to your former self?


@Alair - First, :heartpulse: .
Second: Thanks for the gripping description of your “awakening” as it were, to self-determination. I am an emancipated woman, for real-- “@Thinkstet, an emancipated woman” is on the deed to my property. We’re a little backward out here in California… anyway- I hear what you’re saying and it sounds like you have lots of reasons to enjoy the life you have already.

It sounds like you’re making a space for your wants, needs, whimsy- Your son will get well on his own efforts, and your husband as well.

It sounds like you’re taking back your mood and outlook. It’s really something to be married for 53 years! Ye Gads! But you have suffered for long enough- you can still respect your sacred and binding vows and still have the life YOU want.

There is nowhere written that it’s a woman’s job from crib to coffin to serve others at the expense of all interests, etc. I think we do better as partners and companions when we regularly pursue outside interests.

Play Cards and Games

This is my number one advice for home harmony.


I don’t really have anything to share which is making me realize I haven’t been putting myself first so thank you for the wake-up call! I’m going to add a daily reminder on my phone calendar in hopes that I take pause and do some self care. Take a walk, text or call a friend or my parents, read a few pages of a book or mindfully drink some tea.


Love this. Will be checking in later this week to see how you do @sky ! :wink::raised_hands:


@sky checking in on your intention to pause and take care of yourself! How’s it been going? :hugs:


Leave jigsaw puzzles out on tables that are unfinished so you can use them as brain breaks if online for hours.
It is something that gives me the feeling of “flow” when I put 4 or 5 pieces in place. I think it’s a different kind of focusing- looking for Sets/patterns/parts


I like leaving open coloring books and markers out on the table! :crayon::rainbow: