What do I need to understand about recovery in this second month?



@zealand6868 I did not write that very well. What I was attempting to convey, was that what a non-hijacked person might think to be the logical easy route, becomes the impossible to see or follow for the addicted brain. No matter how much sense it makes to me. Because her brain had been hijacked her focus was stuck on the next high, regardless of cost even to family or self!

For the most part I am able to keep my focus forward or present day and I am grateful for the blessing that have been bestowed upon us during the past few months. My daughter passed drug test number 3 since her return (probation now drug tests her 2 times per week) and her Probation Officer let her know that on May 14th she will be done with supervision.

My daughters long term sobriety (now 4 months 7 days) and her MAT Sublocade shot is helping her realize that staying home, and avoiding a fall back into old patterns is the quickest way to be done with probation supervision while avoiding relapse and additional jail time.

I do not even allow myself to have a 2 second thought of “what if”. If I catch myself slip even slightly into to a thought of worry, I quickly say Ho’ oponopono and say a prayer thanking God for this progress!

Great progress to report! Yesterday my daughter, her boyfriend, my spouse and I, all went out to town for an outpatient treatment appointment for her, a drug test screen for boyfriend for a new job, a few quick shopping stops to grab items we needed for Easter and a “reward for our progress” dinner. The entire trip was accomplished with no arguing or negativity even though everything did not go exactly as planned.

I am grateful for the goodness of God showering upon us this day and everyday…we are blessed!…and so it is! Amen!

May God bless every person out there fighting for a loved one with addiction! Happy Easter to all!


@JoMama Yes, give them a reason to spend quality time with you, not using! Connection is the opposite of addiction. And go Sox! My son’s first baseball game of the season is today, so we have that to look forward to! I’ll be the mom in the dugout wrangling the 8-year-olds. :baseball::sun_with_face: