Addiction language - what do these words mean to you - codependency, detachment, enabling?



I believe some of these concepts to be useful but the words seem ill-fitting and negative. How could we redefine them to be positive and helpful? What do these words mean to you? And have you found them helpful or harmful?

I’d love to work on the concepts to find a better way of framing each so that they can be most useful to us.


I think if we believe we can enable our loved ones’ negative behaviors, then we should also be able to enable positive behaviors.

I see detachment as a form of releasing that which doesn’t serve us.

Codependency is kind of an icky term. I can definitely see how some people may have attachment issues, and struggle with finding their own way without depending on others’ happiness to fulfill their own. But I also see how codependency is often mistaken for simply caring for others. It gets tough when you have a loved one with SUD.

How we talk about addiction, recovery, and support really does matter. Thanks for bringing up this topic, @polly - even if the response is years later, it’s still a super relevant topic!