Any advice on how to help a loved one turning to drugs because of untreated grief?



My loved one was clean for a while, but then told me that when the grief hits her, she doesn’t know what else to do. Her boyfriend and father of her baby passed away from an overdose last year, so it hasn’t been that long. She is on Medicaid, so I’m not sure what options are available to her.


There are a lot of studies that discuss untreated grief and trauma and the affect it has on the body- so much so that many people do use drugs to mask the pain. Perhaps she can find a somatic therapist or a grief group for some talk therapy so she knows how to “get it out of her system”. It’s not a one shot deal- these losses haunt us. “Whatever we bury, we bury alive.” Yikes! Good luck.


Hi @Fizzy - The positive I see in this is that your loved one has identified the trigger: grief. And she has admitted it and communicated it with you.

Can you think of any activities that your loved one enjoys that you can encourage? Perhaps something you can do together? Perhaps if you can help her build a kind of “library” of healthy behaviors/activities/practices that she can turn to when the grief hits, then she can find alternatives to using. Something that will help channel that grief in a more positive way.

Like @Thinkstet mentioned - you might try searching for grief support groups in your area. In 12-step groups like AA or NA, she can find a sponsor - someone to call and talk to when she’s feeling the urge. Meditation can also be helpful in learning how to feel the feelings and let them go.

What do you think, @Fizzy - has your loved one tried any of these options or do you think would be open to them?


Hi @Fizzy - Welcome to the We The Village Community! How have things been going since you posted this? What are your thoughts on the suggestions from @momentsandlight and @Thinkstet?