Any other tips to deal with worry?



95% of the time I don’t let my daughter’s heroin addiction take up space in my head. If I did - I’d never leave my bed, anyone relate? Of course when she’s clean it’s easier to not let that nasty gut punch of “worry” creep in out of the blue (a song, a scene on tv, an old photo), but in active or suspicious using times it is harder. I have to remember I only have control over myself. I cannot have any expectations. I can only give my worry to my God and have hope that my daughter will choose sobriety and realize her worth. It’s ok to have a “rough” day and cry for a spell, to scream and yell “Fuck heroin!”. Once I get my anger, sadness, and broken pieces of my heart picked back up off the floor, I keep going. Whenever I see or speak with my daughter I tell her I love her and hug her extra tight. That is all I can do.
I hope this helps someone today, even if only to let you know you are not alone. Loving an addict is mourning the living - and it’s a life-long sentence. We must enjoy the good moments as we get them :heart:


Yes, been there! Thanks for sharing.
How is your weekend going @Shaelee26 ?


We were gone for a week in Mexico for vacation- that was wonderful! Thank you. :heart:️ I hope you’ve had a wonderful week!
Today has been rough, but I’m making it through.
One minute at a time today :raised_hands:t3:


Oh I definitely relate! I have been there. Thank you for posting this - it makes me feel less alone <3


Tonight’s meetup is on worries - and what to do about them! Love you to join us if you can @shaelee26 & @Selfcare31 :heart:
Link to rsvp here.