Do you have examples of different acts of love to show towards our addicts?



*Posting on behalf of a Village Member


Love this! Compassion will yield more positivity than condemnation!
Some ideas off the top of my head:

  • work on being empathetic towards your loved one
  • provide a space to help sooth their pain (emotional or physical)
  • make a nice breakfast/dinner for them
  • write them a handwritten note and put it on their pillow or in their pocket before you leave for the day

Wondering what others think :yellow_heart:

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All of the ideas Erica shared are great. I can’t think of any to add but I will share one thing I know my son appreciates, He has told me numerous times that he’s glad I “get it” (meaning I understand addiction and therefore cans empathize and react with compassion vs. condemnation). I think educating ourselves on what its like for them really helps. I did this by attending open AA/NA meetings, by reading whatever I could get my hands on (learned a lot from blogs), and mostly from talking to addicts I knew through my sons or came in contact with.
Showing love is so important because oftentimes they have a hard time loving themselves and forget that they are valuable people stuck in a disease.


Ooh, I like this question a lot!

Here’s some thoughts:

  • Making eye contact when communicating! :eyes:
  • Saying ‘Thank you!’ ‘I love you.’ or ‘I care about you.’ (and really meaning it!)
  • Doing something active together (with my dad, that might be a walk or hike with the dogs)
  • Giving a big bear hug!
  • Bringing over their favorite hot meal…