Do you think your loved one is afraid of getting help?


What do you think is keeping your loved one from getting the help they need? What fears do you think might be holding them back? Have they ever communicated this to you?

Curious to know how much we understand what might be deterring change.


The actual fear of having to change and quit I think is the problem they actually think being an active user is helping solve things in life when actually is getting worse then ever


Yes, agreed that fear of change can be a major barrier to treatment. I think it’s a big fear for many people, whether they have an addiction or not.

How are you doing today, @Seeking? Glad to see you here. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m not too bad actually thank you been really trying to show up for myself lately which is always on the backburner I’m feeling a tad better but still have a long journey ahead


I think he is afraid to face what the alcohol is distracting and numbing him from feeling.