Does anyone else's substance use increase in reaction to your loved one's substance use?



I find when my husband uses more I use more. Sometimes I think I do so to decrease his destruction (eg. if I have half the bottle of wine then he can only have half) and sometimes it’s definitely to prove a point…though not very productive (eg. ‘fine, if you’re going to cause destruction to yourself, I can do the same.’)

Anyone else experienced this?


Yeah I see this to a little! When he is using, I want to be destructive - smoke, drink, etc. I think destructive behavior brings out other destructive behavior. It’s learning how to cope with it and go towards the positive that is the difference!


Yes! Since my sister’s addiction several years ago, I too have started drinking more. I have cut back a lot in the past few months and am working on not going back to where I was last year. It is a daily struggle for me. I can be on the phone at work or talking with people and I think of my sister and tears come to my eyes and I have to fight the emotional devil. Sometimes I wonder if I too have become a “recreational” alcoholic since this started.


Thank goodness I’m not alone in this :blush: thanks for sharing


I relate to this - my relationship to alcohol is much different now having weathered many storms next to my husband and his addictions!