Drinking in moderation



My husband went to detox a year ago on November 3rd and he says he didn’t drink any alcohol for that entire year. Now he wants to drink in moderation. So far he has had alcohol twice in the past week, about 3 servings of wine each time. I do believe he would be drinking more if our church elders weren’t supervising his recovery. Does anyone have experience with their spouse successfully drinking in moderation after being sober?


Hi @AD1983 - My husband had 13 years of sobriety when we got married. I drank around him because I erroneously believed that it didn’t affect him. He said it was no problem if I had wine @ dinner etc. I regret that now. After a year of marriage, he began to drink in moderation. We were married for 15 years. He could not maintain moderation, and ultimately we divorced because he would not seek treatment for recovery and I would not continue to subject myself and children to a traumatized drunken household. Everyone is different, but since you ask, I regret that I didn’t rally more for a sober lifestyle with him that could celebrate something where he was successful and healthy. Best of luck. :four_leaf_clover: