Happy Mother's Day!



No matter where you are, no matter who you’re with, no matter how chaotic the life, no matter how quiet the house, no matter if they are here or gone…

Happy Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day to all of our mothers, guardians, caregivers, and to all of you in the Village Community and our Peer Groups who identifies as a mother! Today is for you, your mental health, your soul.

How are you nurturing yourself today?

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There’s a negative tide at noon, so I’m taking the dog for a walk on the beach. The water is still cold- 63 degrees, brrrrrrrrr


Going to visit my grand baby. He makes my heart swell.


Happy Mother’s Day! Today, I’m going to buy some new plants for the home :slightly_smiling_face:


Not gonna lie - today was a rough one. I’m the mother of 2 adults, both actively using, and I didn’t hear from either today. Mother’s Day isn’t always that hallmark day, and days like today can sting like a bee! :frowning:


I have been where you are. On Mother’s Day, my birthday, Christmas… and it hurts so deep in your soul it’s hard to even get out of bed. Please be kind to yourself. This day is to honor you. We all honor your work of parenting and that you continue to love your family anyway.
We all stand with you in the hope that you will someday see that your loved ones choose to work on sobriety.
I’m wishing you many blessings.


I went to Church- I have attended very few services in person since COVID. Feeling filled up, I came home and walked with my son, text chatted with my mom, my daughter and some friends. My husband prepared both lunch and dinner. I even took a nap. All around, a good day. The best part- I got a hand written note from my son, thanking me for “bringing him back”. This…this is why we hope and pray and keep trying. I don’t think I’ll ever feel completely safe again, but I want to stay in the moment and appreciate where we are today.


Aww - that is the sweetest pic and makes me think of simpler days. Cuddling is such comfort


I was SO close to having a bummer day- my kids are so far away, my mother’s dead, my father’s gone, too. No one to hang with and the hype leading to mother’s day is hard. When the kids are little it’s fun, but when they’re big it’s hard to stay cheerful in the loneliness of the lifecycle… but I determined to be in the best mood I could- that’s why I went to the beach. That’s why I had a chili dog for lunch because it was one of my mom’s favorite “bad” foods to have. I pulled a little saying from a bag and it said,
"May I never miss a sunset or a rainbow because I’m looking down" - Sara June Parker

so I didn’t and I am glad I turned my day into at least a day when I was ok to be alone with my dog.