Has Anyone Thought Of Their 2019 "Word" To Help You?



As I start this year of TRULY realizing my sister isn’t “coming back” from alcoholism, I realize how much I have let her destruction affect me these past few years. She doesn’t know I found out she got a DUI last month and I am truly scared for her with her past record and afraid she is going to jail.

We had a “normal” conversation when I called her to confront her about the DUI, but I was so blown away and SO GLAD to hear her NORMAL voice again, we talked for an hour. Yet, still no talk of getting together for the holidays or my upcoming birthday. It hurts me like ***ELL to see her destruction.

Days later, it was back to her getting drunk, losing her phone, me getting caught tangled in the spider web of her verbal abuse on the phone (which I cut off quickly this last time).

The one word I want for this year is “PRESENT”, as in I need to stay in the PRESENT moment. I need to not let my mind drift back to the time before alcoholism and domestic abuse.

I have realized I also need to make some changes in my life as well in order to stay and stand strong against this disease. In the last part of 2018, I did much better with self-care and managing my emotions. I wasn’t perfect, but it was much improved.

What is YOUR word for 2019?


I love this! I choose a word every year. I like it in place of a resolution - a word to embody for the year, so goals and dreams and setbacks are guided by an overarching theme. Last year was gratitude.

This year my word is RECLAIM.

After I achieved a goal this past year and the outcome/“other side” wasn’t everything I thought it would be, I’ve felt a little aimless and confused about “what’s next” after putting so much energy and effort into that one goal. So, I want to reclaim my vision & goals, reclaim my voice, reclaim my health/yoga practice, reclaim my faith practice.

I don’t know what some of these things mean for me yet, but the word feels inspired & inspiring. Thanks for giving me the chance to share @dbfbilly1!


Katie, Thank you for sharing and I LOVE your word and might “steal” it from you. As I read your post, that is what is missing for me: RECLAIMING my life after my sister’s addiction. I feel so alone and depressed and feel as if I am never going to be the same again. I have been so strong for so long, have overcome so many challenges in my life and I feel I have lost all my “get up and go” and drive to keep going on each day. I have no more Zest for life anymore. I hate living my life without her, as she has always been there.

However, I have realized I have unhealthy behaviors at times and am making an effort to cut down on those behaviors and start taking better care of myself. Thank you for sharing!


I haven’t chosen a word for 2019 yet but I think the concept is very spiritually grounded. I have attended a white stone ceremony the past couple of January’s where we were invited to write our word/name for the year. Last year it was “mystery” and I was able to be more open to what life holds, and less afraid of losing control or being powerless over it. One of the scary things about watching a loved one with addiction is that feeling of being powerless and also out of control - in a way, the emotions can be just as turbulent as the addiction itself.
I send you love, @dbfbilly1. You may not be able to directly heal your sister, but you do have the capacity to find healing in your own life, and that will help your sister in her journey.


Thank you so much for your response. Since this post a few days ago, I have still struggled greatly and remind myself constantly of my new word for 2019. This is NOT going to be an easy thing for me. Thank you for sharing.