Have a doubt? Ask a question :) Village is a judgement-free zone


… and we’re probably asking ourselves the same ones!

Since this community is built on knowledge from our lived experiences we want you to keep coming back and adding to it.

Tips for coming up with a question:

  • Think through what questions you can ask to draw out community experiences and knowledge. All questions are good ones!

  • Be direct in the header - what is the core of the question? Are you looking to compare or get recommendations or something else?

  • Add context - the more context you provide the better answers the community will be able to provide.

  • Consider including details: substance involved, is this the first time you’re facing this question.

If you are concerned about privacy use your username to mask your identity. If possible, do share your situation and what experience you’ve had with addiction so we know, when you ask or answer a question, where the context of your knowledge.

Not only will you hear back from others who’ve shared your experience but also professionals who have their own personal experience but have also been trained and worked in the professional settings - like rehabs / clinics etc. - with both family members and those struggling with addiction.