Helping young adult in recovery to learn very common skills - any tips?



What reading or tips do you have to remind yourself that our family member is really just starting to learn “the basics” in the recovery process? As their brain was short circuited at critical learning periods due to addition, it is hard to remember our adult member of the family did not learn some basic things. Having a recovering adult child, he is learning to prioritize his day, dealing with boundaries and working at recovery all at the same time. Communication and at times over communication is needed with respect to the person first. Any tips or insights for maintaining awareness that have worked for you?


I recommend Erica Spiegelman’s book Rewired: A Bold New Approach to Addiction and Recovery. This book is very simply and concisely written but so powerful. It focuses on the healing and “rewiring” of the brain during after addiction and during recovery, just as you mention in your post. I got a copy of this for myself and found it so compelling that I bought a copy for my mother, who is currently in recovery; we really like to read and talk about it together.

There’s also a workbook and coloring book (for adults) that go along with book; my mom found these really helpful.


This is a very lightweight simple one that’s stuck with me - a daily reminder to be nice.

What can I say today to reinforce how much potential I see in my loved one, how good and fun and loveable he is.