How do I get my life back after my son has destroyed his?



How can I deal with the total destruction my son’s drinking and smoking has caused?


I thought this might be helpful for you @Jerilopez4 READ HERE and let me know what you think. Sending love to you and your family.


I have a similar situation with my adult son. Sometimes my head is so full of questions I can’t respond and sometimes I respond too quickly which may not be appropriate. One thing is for sure is that my husband and I are exhausted. Hoping I can follow this conversation thread.


we couldn’t allow our 19yo son to live with us anymore. After IOP rehab and sober living for his HS graduation, we allowed him to move back in only to see him relapse again. We kicked him out and he couch surfed for a month. He begged us to let him back in. We sent him to another sober living where he was responsible for all of his own bills. They got him a job and now he’s in his own apartment with a roommate (alcoholic). He says hes sober, but who knows. He’s employed and paying all his own bills. I cant imagine he can afford NOT to be sober given his income and we stopped enabling. I hope this helps.