How do I get my loved one to admit and seek help?


I am trying to figure out how to get my sister to admit her struggle with me as well as find a place she can get help if I can get her to do it. I am just not sure where to start but I am very worried about what will happen to her if she continues down the road she is on.


Hi @Dana_Lynn thanks for joining us here. I think a lot of us here have been where you are. I’m wondering how is your communication with your sister at the moment and how long has this been a concern and how much of a discussion has this been to date? Also, has she ever had any kind of professional treatment

One helpful idea is remembering - she probably has an idea that there is something wrong, she’s likely just scared to voice it since she’s probably struggled to cut back. You might find some of the topics in our Playbook useful Assessing the Addiction, Communicating to Connect, Conversations 2.0

Look forward to hearing more from you and your sister is lucky to have you looking out for her right now :slight_smile: