How do I make my introduction post?




I’d like to introduce myself. As instructed I click on the HERE link in Please click HERE to introduce your self on this post! but it doesn’t take me anywhere and I don’t see an open a box for me to reply. Will you tell me how to do this.
Thanks, so much.


Hi @Kimba - I noticed you were able to post your intro in the Welcome post! :slight_smile: You’ve also been invited to join the Support Study Group Chat, where you can receive daily support from other members. Be sure to check your private messages - you can do this by tapping your profile picture on the top right, then tapping the envelope icon. Glad you’re here!


@momentsandlight Yes I did figure it out. When it said to ‘click here’ to intro yourself I was expecting some drastic thing like a new page popping up or something hahaha. I appreciate your reply and I did join the Support Study Group Chat. I’m glad to be here!