How do I prepare for my loved one to come home from treatment?



As far as prayer, meditation, etc


Great to hear from you @Alice_Harvey
How long off is their return? How are you doing?

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Hi @Alice_Harvey, when my husband went to rehab (about 3.5 years ago now) I remember feeling absolutely depleted and this sense of like…where is my recuperation help?

It was at this time I learned Vedic Meditation a (2x 20min) daily practice I have kept up to this date! It has been really helpful, now I’m getting more into yoga also - getting back in to the body more because I realized how ‘in the mind’ I was getting stuck after years of worry.

So from my experience, I would say - take it so easy on yourself. Really try to listen to what your mind and body needs. Take time out and off if you can and don’t hold too many expectations of yourself.

In my case the return after rehab was pretty tough. I wanted him to be better! And I didn’t realize that healing takes a LONG time - like years! It gets better gradually, and 30 days isn’t enough to remove the old habits. I think knowing that is helpful. Slip ups don’t necessarily mean a reversion, they can just be a blip, approaching them as such is helpful for your loved one. Keep confidence up that they can and want to change.

Try to engage family and friends to be there for YOU and THEM when they return, so it’s not all on your shoulders.

Also, know that depression is often a side effect of removing the substance use that has been driving the pleasure systems for the last - however long - so when I wanted him to feel vibrant and excited for life after rehab…he wasn’t so much. Just knowing that, and letting them know it can be helpful. It’s not an excuse to use. It’s a phase to get through. Be kind through this phase.

Rehab friends can be a tricky feeling (in my case as the girlfriend / spouse) - this was something I carefully had to navigate. I know @stayhopeful244 has some good perspectives on this too.

Sending :heart: and love to hear how you’re doing and any new thoughts you have now?