How so with my alcoholic son coming home



My adult son who is an alcoholic but in denial is coming home to join the family business. For the past 4 months he has lead us to believe that he is much better and no longer drinking. It has cone to my attention that he actually is still drinking . The problem I have is that now we have asked him to jion the family business , bought him an air ticket to come home , he has resigned from his job and given notice where he was staying. I do not think I can work with him if he is back to old ways and I know my husband won’t put up with again. I don’t know what to do


You can drug/alcohol screen as a company regulation and insurance thing. Then at least there will be verification of the situation, positive or negative. In order for me to work in harmony with my son I need a lot of transparency and communication. If I have doubts I can have a conversation with him about it. Sometimes I don’t want to hear it, but I do provide him with an accountability contact. He knows I know his struggles and he knows I love him and it’s a long road. Best of luck with your family reunion and business.