How to get daughter into treatment



My daughter has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She is overmedicated and abuses alcohol as well as one of her medications. She is in denial and lives in another state. How can I get her into treatment when she is in such strong denial.


Keep encouraging her, but sometimes they have to come to a point where they realize they need the help on their own. Had she faced any negative consequences As a result of her addictions?


Are there others in her life that can also have the conversation about treatment? Sometimes it can help to have someone that isn’t as close broach the subject. It can also help to have different approaches to treatment to bring up. My husband was initially really opposed to going to meetings, so he started with a recovery coach, then psychiatrist, then counselor, before rehab. Had I started with suggestingrehab, he would never have agreed to go. I also eased him in to talking about his drinking through things like Annie Grace’s Alcohol Experiment and that was a non confrontational way for us to start to talk about the role alcohol was playing in our life’s.

I agree that experiencing natural consequences of their use can be a strong motivator.

It’s not easy, but know you’re not alone :hearts:


Oh gosh… I’m so sorry… I cannot imagine going thru that with your child. That is beyond heartbreaking. So many questions… How do you know she is over medicated? Was this prognosis/ treatment plan of meds given by a trusted psychiatrist? Do you have authorization to speak with that psychiatrist?? If you do I’d personally start there. Your daughter isn’t going to be able to hear it from you, but she may listen to her doctor. If you feel strongly your daughter is an addict/ alcoholic you may also want to see if she is med seeking from her doctor. The doctor may not be authorized to speak with you, but you can certainly leave her/ him any message YOU like giving them a heads up on what your instincts are.

As for the treatment facility. Find one to send her to 1st. You want a facility that can treat both her bi-polar and addiction. Make sure the doctors and staff are certified MD’s and therapists!! Too many trx centers are run by folks with simple drug counseling backgrounds. She needs a reputable dual diagnosis facility.

Next… getting her there.
Are you financially supporting her in ANY way? How bad off is her addiction cycle? She’ll be more willing to find help after a a bender. If you are in good standing with her perhaps you can meet her one weekend and stay with her? Interventionists are skilled in this arena and finding a reputable one who will be able to connect the dots with her peers for an intervention may be helpful as well. Interventionists will also be able to help you navigate the correct trx facility that best matches your insurance and financial needs as well. (Just know that many, not all, interventionists work hand in hand with their favorite facilities - so if you have a particular one you like for your daughter let them know that)

I mean…
there’s so many avenues here…
but another option if she resists going in-patient is to have her agree to an out-patient facility. These are places where patients can be seen 1:1 and often in combination process groups several times week. But it’s less invasive to people’s work schedules and/ or family lives if they can’t take off a month or more for inpatient.

I hope any of that helps.
God bless…
And please take care of you they all of this too.
Alanon. Therapy for you to help navigate your own way during all of this


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