How to have conversations that actually work?



We spend lots of time plotting our next conversation when we’re loving someone through addiction. Talking about substance use or recovery is best handled with care. Whether we’re trying to convince them to see there’s a problem or that help is needed for their substance using behavior, or even where I am today, things are going great and we’re lightyears ahead of where we used to be, but there are still tricky subjects to address.

Since the holidays tend to bring more conversations with friends and family and because so many of the questions in this community center on communicating effectively, we’re taking time this Wednesday 19th December at 3pm EST to host a live virtual workshop on the topic. Join us from the comfort of your computer screen to learn communication strategies that actually work!

If you’re looking for a final breakthrough or simply to learn some tips to have better communications these skills will serve you for life.

Click this link to save your spot in the live virtual workshop now!

Please join us this Wednesday, December 19th at 3pm EST!

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First webinar was a success!!
Find the recording to replay on demand here!
Let us know any feedback and what you want to learn more about next?
And post questions for @erica to work through them with you <3 :slight_smile: