Husband went to rehab, starting to get depressed…



My husband is currently in rehab for the 4th time this year.
Before his last relapse we moved to North Carolina away from everyone for a fresh start. Needless to say, that didn’t work.

I’ve gotten to talk to him a few times, the visitation isn’t for another 3 months, whereas the other ones were every two weeks.

I am just completely alone and starting to get a little depressed.

It’s an odd feeling because I would not want him to leave treatment under any circumstances and I’m so proud of him for stepping up and going into treatment!

Codependency isn’t an issue, I think it’s just me being alone in a new area, without anyone to talk to and I’m just in my head all day.

Has anyone been to Nar-anon meetings on here? We’re they helpful?


Nar-anon meetings can be helpful as well as Al-anon meetings. Another group that some people like is SMART recovery for family and friends. It can help to try out both meetings and see which one is more of a fit for you or attend both so that you get different perspectives. The more you get support from people in a similar situation the better you’ll feel.


I go to Al-Anon meetings regularly. I’ve been to one Nar-Anon meeting, but I’ve found that there are fewer of them and so Al-Anon is just more convenient. I’ve also moved to a new area in the last year and Al-Anon has been a great way to connect with other people. I found a sponsor, someone close in age to me who is also married to an addict, who I can talk on the phone with and meet for coffee before meetings. Check it out in your area. Take what serves you there and leave the rest. They won’t have all the answers or advice for you, but it’s a first step in looking within and starting your own recovery. And there is community there. In my experience, continuing to work on myself has helped my husband’s recovery, as well.

Sending love! You are not alone. Feel free to message me here if you need someone to talk to.