I want to set boundaries but also still see my grandchildren. How do I balance?



Boundaries, I thought I was getting better at seeing where I needed them! Then along comes the boyfriend that’s quite controlling, and would be perfectly happy for our family to be out of my daughter’s life completely. Trying to balance being supportive and having healthy boundaries, without letting him push us totally out of their lives, is hard.

I can call or text with no response for days requesting to see the kids, then they’ll blow my phone up wanting me to take the kids bc the need a last minute sitter. I usually take them because I don’t get to see them much otherwise, but it feels unhealthy. I tried for a while to say no unless they gave me at least a little notice, but then I didn’t get to see them much at all.


I don’t know the answer but I hear what you’re saying, @karenW . Maybe you can have a call with your daughter to set a little calendar time- like first weekend of the month? Is that too Pollyanna a scenario? I’m sorry the boyfriend is exerting control. That is hard to watch. I would have trouble holding my tongue for sure.XO