Just a bad feeling?


Do you ever just get one of those bad feelings and you’re dreading asking the question? It’s so much easier to be blatantly ignorant than to confront it head on. Something has just “felt” off recently. Conversations about suboxone prescription seem a little avoidant because I just get a “I got it handled” or “it’s fine” and that worries me.

Sometimes it really is just in my head and it’s anxiety getting the best of me but I know it’s worth at least a conversation. Just thought I’d share my thoughts out loud because I’m sure there are many others who feel the same!


Right there with you, @Selfcare31. Also having problems finding suboxone. Took almost 3 weeks, but I was impressed how she managed it on her own toward the end of that time period. Now she has the prescription again and was going to try taking it just every other day, but I haven’t asked if she did that.


Yes. I’ve been right about my bad feelings and they’ve turned into me finding needles. I’ve also been completely wrong - having suspicions and then my husband surprising me by offering up an explanation for strange behaviors without me even bringing it up! I’ve also asked for drug tests and asked if he’s using again and expressed my fears of relapse, and his responses have ranged from defensive to frustrated to understanding.

I’ve been having bad feelings recently, too, even though a recent drug test came out negative. But the what-if’s start in - what if he’s taking pills and they don’t show up on the test? I just keep reminding myself that there’s no truth in the what-if’s, and to keep trusting that we’ve gotten this far, and we have the strength to keep going. So do you, @Selfcare31 ! :sparkles: