Legal whoas in the aftermath



So, my husband is now 44 days sober. I don’t know why I am anxious about it today but I am.
The legal whoas of his poor choices last year are upon us, and I am financially worried and terrified. He is potentially facing jail time for his DUI’s. He got 2, one of which while he was on bond for the first one still. It is terrifying. We will lose our home if he has to go to jail. I have barely held us above water while he was away at treatment.
We are working with an attorney, which is going to take our entire tax refund (there goes catching up and ahead of debt and bills).
I want to bash my head against the wall. I wish I could defend him, because I feel like I Would be more effective than the lawyer. But, I digress.
Has anyone else gone through anything similar? I am terrified of my husband going to jail. Not even the money aspect, but him being away… I am lowkey a control freak, and this terrifies me beyond measure.


Hey @jpax4141 - that’s so great to hear that your husband is 44 days sober! Early recovery is such a tough time, and then to add the legal troubles and all the anxiety that comes with that! My husband had court dates in early recovery, and I remember it feeling like all too much to handle. He wasn’t facing jail though, so I don’t have any experience with that part of it. Tagging @laurenjess75 @sammiesame @Bethamy here who might be able to chime in…


We’ve submitted plea letters to our attorney for their conversations with the DA and praying it helps. He’s laying low and just going to work and back. But the whole thing is so anxiety filled. I’m so proud of him though


@jpax4141 , it is so difficult to enjoy the positive change of over a month of sobriety when facing legal consequences that could bring drastic changes to your life. I hope that you can celebrate the sobriety and use that feeling of joy to strengthen your journey ahead.
With my son, we also faced one DUI and his refusal to be tested. My tiny bit of experience with this is that because your husband went through treatment and is working at recovery, the judge is likely to be a bit more lenient.
But maybe as you face your biggest fear- that he goes to jail, that you lose your house- you can also know that the two of you are a strong team and will face each obstacle that comes along, step by step, and overcome it. You will survive. You will conquer this challenge and move forward. Soon, it will be a part of your past, a part of your story that builds a force to be reckoned with! Try to let go of the fear, and take this on each day, knowing that you are going to be OK.