Loved one in treatment threatening to leave


My brother is threatening to leave treatment. It has been a true journey in all of this. He just got to a 90 program across the country 7 days ago after finishing 30 days inpatient. He is saying he wants to leave because he is around too many people, doesn’t like his house manager and there are other things. He says he wants to get an apartment and will continue treatment but from his place. He said if my mom doesn’t help him with the apartment he is going to leave and go with friends that will take him in and says it’s a place he is more likely to use. Everything in treatment right now is virtual. I also do not think he realizes the level that all of this is at with corona. I was finding serenity in that the virus might be a reason he says but because of addiction and because of him being in treatment i dont think he is fully aware of the issues.

We are holding firm in our boundaries and wont be giving him mooney. we are only helping him if he is is in recovery. he thinks that this option is still him in recovery.

I am just not sure on some things i can do to help him. he doesn’t want to hear what i have to say because i’m not saying anything he wants to hear.

What can we do to help our loved ones that are threatening to leave treatment??? especially when he leans heavy on us

we will not let him come live with any of us. i fear he will go back to a place that is even worse than living on his own and i am so conflicted