Mental health and Recovery - how do they work together?



My boyfriend has recently relapsed and he has some mental health issues too and did not address these issues .Is it possible he relapsed because he is not treating his mental health issues alongside his recovery ??


I think the state of our mental health is the foundation for everything. Unaddressed issues can be triggers, especially when we feel like we don’t know how to cope or who to talk to about it. We might feel weak, sad or out of control, and that can trigger some old bad habits. In my own experience, addressing the root of a problem (for example emotional trauma) is really important in additon to treating the outcome (like the coping machanisms). I would try having an open and supportive conversation with him about his mental health. Acknowledging our problems is the first step. And if we can share them with someone, and ask for help, that’s even more powerful. Connection = the opposite of addiction. You two can talk about little steps to help him move forward. Little daily things and routines that make him feel better and lower his stress. And then, if he feels like he needs it, seek help with a mental health professional. It’s okay to struggle. You two don’t have to figure it out on your own.


Hi @Mommadoo how are you getting on here? Are you open to sharing which substances are causing problems and what’s the mental health concern? Might help us relate more to the specifics <3

In my experience it is hard to separate mental health from addiction. The brain takes a lot of time to heal from addiction so yes it does affect behavior and substance use.

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