Monday Motivation: You didn't come this far to only come this far, what small or large progress are you and/or your loved one making?



Loving someone through addiction can feel exhausting. At times we can feel stuck as to what to do next. Share some inspiration on this thread for those who might need it!


We are working on connection not control- and this is YEARS since I took the COURSE. I still review my “effective communication” worksheets before I go to have heavy conversations. I still check myself for co-dependencies and sneaky control hooks that I may have tucked into my toolkit… My S/O son is sober and we both continue to work toward honesty and tranquility in our day to days. Thank you, Jane, and all the peeps in your orbit.:rocket:


've gotten better at identifying my feelings as they’re happening. In the past, I would sit in my resentments and let them build up in my head, creating a narrative in which I was a victim and justifying my own negative behaviors. Now, I can see when those old resentments start bubbling up. They don’t go away completely. I still feel anger, sadness, loneliness, frustration. But now I know that they’ll pass, that I can let them go and move on, that everything will be okay.


Such a lovely update thank you for sharing @Thinkstet and thank you for being here with us :slight_smile:


Wow so well said @momentsandlight it’s hard to get out of the crisis mentality (I know that took me time!) And it’s so helpful to have more space, like you’re describing, to see them, feel them and stay optimistic!