Mother's Day Advice- 2023! Get Ready, It's Coming!


Hi Kids, Mother’s Day is May 14th this year (2023).
Sometimes I take flowers to the old folk’s home in memory of my mom. I give them to some rando and that part is a lot of fun.

If I have company, doing ceramic painting at those bisqueware shops is fun.
I also like going to those fancy movie houses where you really get a comfy seats.

If we’re broke we make a picnic and eat it at a beach or park.
In Los Angeles we go to the Broad. In Seattle, the Frey. There are free museums to find.

Some years there’s a card. Some years there’s a phone call.
Some years it’s a visit. Some years it’s nothing at all.

So I vaccinate myself against feeling bad on Mother’s Day, by communicating and planning ahead of time. The emphasis is on doing something cheap and fun, in gratitude to mothers everywhere.

What’s Your Tradition? What advice do you have?


My only request on Mother’s Day has always been for us to just be together. We might barbecue at the local state park or rent a cabin somewhere. This year my youngest is graduating high school Mother’s Day weekend so we will probably be celebrating that as well.
The “just be together” has become difficult now that my kids are older. One has moved across country and the other two work.
I never want anything for Mother’s Day accept time with my kids, if possible. A hug and an I love you is all I need.


Nice to hear, @vstevens, I do love the “Just Be Together” wish. It’s my favorite way to be- surrounded by my children. In my case, my daughter lives in Australia and my son lives in Tennessee and I live in California so that does not work.

Therefore, I look for distractions during that day that will make me happy so that I don’t mope or get too sad or whatever. I am on my own so I am taking care of myself in this way.


Yes, my oldest across country and my other 2 work, so “just be together” is difficult now.