Please tell us what you think about the Village Community here?



The good, the bad, the ugly, we want to hear it all!


I know I have been reading that this is to support the loved ones taking care of the abuser but I find it helpful and supportive to read these posts as a user, which I am currently a user, however, hoping to change that very soon.


Thanks for the feedback @Lulu - sending love and luck to you <3 if you have any friends and family you would like to invite here we’d love welcome them. Our mission is to be the best allies to you :wink: and that starts with some good information, resources, and communication skills.


I wish you strength, courage, and power when you are ready to become sober. You have to want to before it will work. Many blessings to you and healing.


I really love the Village Community. I’ve only been on here a short while but already feel so supported and encouraged. When I’m having a rough day with the recovering addict in my life, my first thought now is to come here and post for support and wisdom from others who are at different stages in their journey. This is a great place for me to go when I am in my head a little too much and when things feel overwhelming.

Since I have a science background, I really appreciate that so many responses from the professionals that run this website reference evidence-based research. I love it so far. I’ve been spreading the word to others because I would love this community to keep expanding!


I love this @Selfcare31! Thank you for spreading the word! :tada:


I love the variety of discussions !! The honesty and kindness that is shared in the Village !!


For the little time i’ve been here it has helped me a lot! even tho my husband is in the road to recovery i’ve still found support from here since still it can be rocky, specially with trust issues and getting comfortable again.
for me it has made the difference through my process of healing and regaining confidence.


@jfh so happy to hear how a little has been able to go a long way for you. Sometimes I need the reminder that recovery is not a straight line, and this community continues to show me that!


I seriously don’t know what I would do without the Village. Probably have a ridiculous amount of stress and anxiety about how to have a productive relationship with my alcoholic mother. I’ve learned how to look at trends with her and when to react and when to let some things go. I’ve learned how to set boundaries and how to put some responsibility on her as well and not just letting her think that if someone loves her they need to give her money or a place to live. I don’t give her those things but I show her I love her by calling her often throughout the week and going out of my way to see her when I can. It’s a long journey but at least I don’t feel as lost as I did before. I’m super grateful I found this community! :pray:


We’re equally as grateful @carolzevallos! I’m really glad you find relevant and helpful advice here to action in your relationship with your mother.


I personally LOVE IT! Attending Alanon for a year, I felt I had outgrown it and it was a reminder to me each week of my sister. However, with this arena, when I am having a “moment” I can pop on here and post, read others’ stories, listen to podcasts and feel that someone understands. I love it!