Reflecting on 2022 and looking ahead to 2023


What are your thoughts on this past year? What went right? And how are you moving forward in 2023? Please share your resolutions, your goals, your intentions, your “word” for the year here.

And also a warm welcome to our newcomers! We’re so glad you’re here. @Kensparks @Melissag_365 @Stephs @Hana @sammiesame @Shayna @zealand6868 @raysluck69 @Only1teressa @sb0822 @Crei71 @Lacy @tashac @Cmelling @Sadnesswithin - We’d love to hear where you’re typing from and how we can support you. :hearts:


I always love the possibilities the new year reset brings.
For me, looking back on 2022 feels like a roller coaster due to my husband’s addiction. There are times I handled the situation well and times I know I could have done better. Looking ahead, I want to get back to in-person Al-Anon meetings (I stopped going when the pandemic started but was good about keeping up with daily readings). I also want to work on myself physically and mentally and maybe even make a vision board. I’d also like to strengthen relationships outside of my immediate family - make new friends, see my friends more. My word for 2023 is Calm.
Wishing everyone a happy new year, I’m thankful for this community and its resources!


Hi Jacqui and friends at WetheVillage,
My word for 2023 is “Breathe.” I am learning to let go of my compulsion to help my son manage his life.

2022 was lather/rinse/repeat for me and my son. We danced all year with closeness and distance, trust and disbelief, use and abstinence. Recently (5 months ago) my son made some decisions- he determined to go back to college and finish his BA.:sparkles::sparkles: It has been hard to “observe not absorb” but I have stayed out of it. As he tried to figure out all that is entailed, it is hard not to participate in the planning…

I am happy to celebrate that in three days he leaves in his car with his dog and his essential gear for college in another state.

In 2023, I will remember to breathe. I will go surfing. I will read books. I will send postcards. I will celebrate his independence and his dominion over his decisions, successes, and difficulties. Although I won’t know everything, I will celebrate what is shared with me. :boom::sparkles::boom::fireworks::sparkler: Happy New Year- Breathe and believe in 2023.


@sky Calm for 2023 I love it!


@thinkstet “Breathing and Believing in 2023” Loving it!


This year has been a roller coaster; a few highlights but many low moments. This year it seem like NOTHING went right! But heading into the new year I Know there is a brighter day ahead. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I know in my heart thunderstorm bring forth beautiful rainbows. As long as I got I hope, faith, love I can endure the rain.


Good on ya, @sb0822, I Know that what you think becomes reality and you having these positive thoughts and you’re strong and you can harness that fortitude to do good things for yourself that may also help your person.
You can endure- and thrive. Best of luck, gratitude and faith in the coming year.


In 2022 I let go of some big dreams and moved forward. I started planning and planted some seeds in areas of my life that not had attention in some time. I found community and traveled. I experienced a setback that shook my world and has me looking into the new year with both fear and hope. Mostly hope. My word for 2023 is GROW. I will continue to root in truth, gratitude, prayer, and community, and trust the process of growth in my marriage, my work, my family, my body, my spirit, myself.