Relapse help with my loved one



Hi everyone. I’ve been here a few times to talk about my loved one/ ex fiancee before, he has relapsed after getting kicked out of sober living 2 weeks ago, he’s visited me since a couple of times and in denial, our relationship is not working out so I have been on my own doing better but at this point I’m not worried over the relationship, I am worried about his relapse. Today he finally admitted that he is on and off with Percocet which he crushes and sniffs it. No sleep or barely eating he tells me and I can see it, but says he doesn’t need help, I’m trying to figure out a way of slowly getting him in there, but I know he will say that he will go only if he can come back home. What can I do? I love him of course, he’s been my best friend of 33 years now. But he wants a relationship again which is something I would like but not now, I cried after I sent him to his mom’s because of how he was, he ate twice in a row so I know he hasn’t been eating, just looks so sad. Help.


Hi @Letty14 - Early recovery can be such a roller coaster. So many ups and downs, stretches of being clean, and then slips and relapses that can make us lose hope. Please don’t lose hope.

Is there anything you can think of that could help motivate his change? Things you like doing together, and can still do together, when he’s clean? Maybe start with, “I miss when we do _____. I would love to plan that again sometime while you’re not using.”

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Great advice Jacqui​:+1::heart:️ I wish it was that simple with my situation :sob:. He was on a roller coaster ride but that included cheating and lying to feel better. He replaced drugs with a sex addiction and I can never ever forgive or forget that. My heart is broken but I’ll get it back together one of these days. So glad you great ladies are on here!