Remember to celebrate the small stuff - what's a small thing you're celebrating this week?



Hey all!! Just the sporadic reminder we all need that after the dark times :tornado: the :sunny:️ does shine- after the hard time the happy easy moment show up. Allow them in, accept them, try so hard not to question why they are here and what will happen next and just allow yourself to be happy :blush:. Not wondering what’s right or wrong- not focusing on what next- just allowing that genuine happiness to spend some time with you. Xoxo happy almost weekend :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Love this!!

I’m celebrating looking after myself this week - making dinner at home and getting enough sleep :slight_smile:
And that my husband is happy and handling a stressful transition pretty well in comparison to past behaviors - it’s really encouraging to see!


That’s super awesome and exactly the kind of things I’m talking about!! The small calm moments we sometimes forget to appreciate until the tornado happens and it’s all we want.
Trying to work in reverse and be appreciative of those moments for what they are instead of longing for them in a time of need! Maybe that small change could have a positive ripple effect :+1:t2::blush:


Thanks so much for posting this @Laurene04! Love the positivity to round out the end of the week! TGIF and CELEBRATE :partying_face:

I’m celebrating my brother getting me a Chanukah gift for the first time EVER! It’s not about the gift, it’s about how excited he was to give it to me. He is 6 years older and he has never had a stable job or steady income - so I’m celebrating his ability to finally give back, as it improves his recovery. And I’ll also celebrate by using the gift card to get myself something special :yellow_heart:


Love love love this @Laurene04! Thanks for a dose of positivity! :relaxed: This week, I’m celebrating being able to do work that I care about and keep a flexible schedule!


This week I am celebrating the fact that I am taking myself into account. I am really struggling with boundaries and codependency and not always making the best choices for myself, but I am more aware than ever and cultivating a deeper relationship with myself than I ever have been able to before.