Roses and Thorns: Help for Newbie



THORN: Boyfriend relapsed after six years off heroin. Died in my bathroom. Paramedics brought him back. He’s been using on and off since then (October.) Caught him stealing my prescription pills today - this is not the first time. We had a good weekend and he was looking good. Thought things would change.

ROSE: Have begun attending therapy and psychiatry to cope with my own issues surrounding myself and the agony this relationship causes me.

SUPPORT: I was a professional news producer in a top market in Florida before moving 1,200 miles back home to support him. We live in an extremely rural area and I can’t even get a job picking up dog shit in a kennel cuz they see my degree. He’s been able to find a job and has been working to get his license back. I have no idea what to do anymore… I’m 33 with a bachelor’s living with my parents and a solid hour from any town worth anything with a junkie boyfriend who just can’t handle his shit. He’s so kind and amazing then he’ll pull this every few weeks. Help me