Section 35 on my addict boyfriend


Has anyone ever filed a section 35 on anyone? I know it’s something harsh to do but at this point I don’t see any other way of helping my loved one, he has already overdosed 2 times this year, last time 2 weeks ago and now yesterday he decided to get messed up and I couldn’t get him to wake up for 20 minutes even though he was breathing… he refuses to get help claiming it’s something here and there… Please help me, I don’t want to see him dead…


@Letty14, Hi girl- sorry you’re having to go through this, but here you are. I don’t have experience Section 35ing. I did want to ensure that you have Narcan on hand at home.

Narcan , the naloxone nasal spray used to reverse opioid overdose, was approved Wednesday for over-the-counter sale by the FDA . It’s a major victory for harm reduction advocates and public health professionals—and a much needed step toward preventing thousands of overdose deaths each year.


@Thinkstet, yes I always have narcan, his last overdose it wasn’t doing anything, it took about 45 minutes 8 workers to get him to breathe, it’s not something I want to see again. I seen it quite too many.
I have the info I need about section 35, I just need to know if anyone experienced it cuz it seems hard to do but at this point I think it has to be done.


Great to know. Thanks @Letty14 for responding. I hope your special person has a spiritual awakening soon! :loudspeaker: