Siblings - on either side of SUD


Sorry Redundant Alert… I posted this as a question in a message, but now I want to open this question out to the forum so others can respond.

Do you have a son or daughter who is also affected by a sibling with an SUD. What have you learned to help balance the attention and focus for the child who uses and the child who does not?

I ask because I have two children (32/31 still babies, to me :smirk:) one has a SUD, and the other is not so afflicted. I am challenged by showing them appropriate amounts of concern/communication/function.

How do you balance? I could use some advice. Thanks.


I too have experienced this, mine are 35 and 29. At this point they are adults and I encourage them to talk to one another with open ended questions. It’s always less threatening and encourages conversation and connection.


That is a tough challenge for you. I do not have experience with this myself. My sister has dealt with her son having SUD and her daughter has succeeded in life without any addiction issues. I have had a close relationship with both my nephew and niece in their pre-teen years. However, as they became teenagers and young adults I would only see them at family or Holiday events.
They have always been diametrically opposed even as very young children. My niece has always been the type to follow rules and take the high road. My nephew has always had his bad boy cool dude tendencies and a rule breaker who chases the high. They do have a very close relationship even with his having SUD. His SUD started in his 30s and I am not aware of any huge issues for my sister in parenting the two. She helps him when necessary and keeps a close relationship with her daughter. My sister and her daughter more likely work together to help him. My niece is not the type to feel slighted or need extra attention for any reason.

Today I am grateful for the support I have received in this group and the progress I have made over the past 12 weeks!


Thanks for all the good answers to my question about siblings. I just finished a visit with my daughter and her husband. It was so nice to just see the two of them, and not have my son there. Nothing against him, but it felt very loving to just see her. There will be other occasions when we can all be together, but this was wonderful to focus on her and keep Tom and his recovery out of the main conversation.

I know that they love one another and it will all turn out in the end.:v:


@Sammiesame KUDOS to YOU for 12 weeks. You are very good to complete all 12 weeks and to stay connected with the group. Congratulations and thank you for your contribution to the Wethevillage community.:revolving_hearts:


That’s wonderful news! Celebrate the wins. I am glad you were able to have such a nice visit with family. Keep the positive momentum going!

Today I am grateful for the progress all in this group have attained. We will fight this fight hand in hand - together!

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