So, do you want a positive note from the universe?


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You can go to
It can generate a note from the universe for you! It’s a fun way to get a positive vibe and affirmation.

Here is an example of the note I received today:


(Screenshot from

This is helpful to me because I frequently need to turn my attitude toward a more positive outcome.
There is also a service that you can sign up for which sends an automated email to your inbox every day. That proves to be a bit much for me, but maybe you like that kind of contact.


I haven’t been around in a bit but doesn’t mean WTV hasn’t been on my mind…it always is. Thanks for the tip. I’ll check it out. Hope all is well with you. I’ve been quite busy. Working on getting a new job, my daughter moved back home from Miami, my son is doing pretty well all things considered. Kind of in a neutral spot, moving forward at a slow pace but not moving backwards so for that I’m thankful. I’m doing pretty well with taking one day at a time and always reminding myself that I only have control to the tips of my fingers. I’ve been concentrating on making my own life more positive vs worrying about how I could ‘make’ my son’s life more positive… I’m letting him figure that out, while I stay connected by listening and encouraging him while being careful not to be attached. There was a woman who would post here and I remember her saying it wasn’t until she stepped back from being attached to her loved one(s)… son and daughter I think…and she found that once she began concentrating and bettering her own life and just being connected to her kids instead of attached, she found they started taking more responsibility of their own lives and made more progress in their journey. I don’t remember her handle and I can’t find the past conversations/texts. Do you have an idea? I feel like she may have been a mentor. She was eloquent.


Hey @Zealand6868! I think you’re referring to the eloquent and humble @Deanna1. She is very eloquent and as a matter of fact, you’re pretty eloquent yourself! I enjoy your writing very much. Thank you for sticking around these boards. I always learn from your posts, and this one was another winner!

That is it! Well, it is no mean feat. It’s so curious when you have children and they go as they grow. My son’s return to the university begins next week. I am so proud of his energy toward a worthwhile outcome. It is very reassuring, more good days and positive interactions. What are you growing toward? I believe when we remove a negative behavior the best replacement is a positive one, but I’m not 100% on that.

Glad to hear from you!


Glad to see you back around these parts @zealand6868 - your contributions are so valuable to others going through a similar experience. That’s great to hear about the new job - fingers crossed for you! How is your son doing?