Sons girlfriend has been using longer than him. I think recovery treatment is necessary. What do you think?



My son did a 30 day program. My family and I have helped him. The state took his kids and I’ve had them for over 6 months. He can’t stay with me. My mother allowed him to stay with her. Well, he went to pick up his girlfriend (mother of the kids) but they don’t think she needs treatment. She has been actively using longer than him. He did not ask my mom for permission. Now he is mad because he says he want him to fail. I told him he has to leave my mom’s home.


@Catavila Thanks for your post! This sounds like a pretty complicated situation, and I’m sending you all the love as you’re making your way through it. Just out of curiosity, do you know the reasons why the state doesn’t believe your son’s girlfriend needs treatment, even though she’s been actively using for longer than your son?


I believe he wants her to change, I’m not sure that she wants to change too… He is on suboxen and is sharing with her. Thank you for your prayers. Today I went to church. I decided to let go and let God.


Keep talking about it and working away at it. Recovery and realization one needs some form of recovery doesn’t happen overnight. Sending <3