Spouse Meth Addiction


Hi yes this is the first time I’ve ever reached out on a platform like this but I was really wondering if there was anyone else out there whose spouse truly believed that you were cheating on them even having scenarios drawn out in their mind about how it happened and with who. My wife truly believes that I’ve had several different affairs with random people and swears she knows for certain and even has the same details every time she tells the stories she also believes that I record her and have people following her at just about all times also swears I have the cops following her trying to arrest her is anyone else experienced this? The most hurtful of it all is that she believes I’m a cheater and can’t be convinced otherwise. With hel will she ever believe the truth?


Hi @Jones5877 - welcome, glad you found this space. I’m sorry you’re in this situation with your loved one. It’s been a little bit since you posted this - how are you doing today?

I haven’t had the same experience with my loved one using meth and struggling with trust - I’m often the one who doesn’t trust him! I’m not too familiar with meth use, but from what I know it does have serious impacts on the brain long term and can cause delusions or hallucinations. Could this be what your wife is experiencing? Has she taken any steps toward recovery?


She has attempted to seek help but always seems to creep back up in her. We are currently separated and In still being accused of different things. Crazy things really. It’s frustrating knowing meth is why she thinks like she does but cannot at all convince her otherwise. She even believes that I have elderly church members following her around. This is totally the worst experience I have ever had to endure. The rage spells and severe depression is one thing but the delusional beliefs she has about me hurt to my very core.