The playbook logs me out 😣 – help?


So I keep trying to check out and explore Playbook and I get logged out when I click on it haha


Oh no, unfortunately it’s an early iteration of the site that does have a separate account associated. You shouldn’t have to log in to see the playbook though. Have you been able to browse the content in the playbook? I think we may translate into some blog posts. But let me know if you have seen the topics.


Oh yeah I’m still able to go through it without being logged in


Ok got it. Yes, a bit funky with the double login. Sorry about that @Dean_Acton !! Anything topics in there you like specifically? Anything you wish was covered more? :slight_smile:


There’s quite a bit on there haha I haven’t gone through it all yet


There is a lot! Would love to know your thoughts - especially what you wish was covered more - when you make it all the way through @Dean_Acton!