This is a technical issue...and I’m looking for sympathy - who can relate to my grief?



I had an account and some how blocked it through facebook. I had a phone session with Erica. I have been trying to get back in here for a few months. I wanted to tell @erica and @Jane if they remember me that my daughter lost her battle with addiction on the 12th of November 2018. Guess i just need… shoot, I don’t know what I need. Maybe sympathy. I just miss her so much and every one is expecting me to be so strong and I’m not.


So grateful you found your way back here, @sherryamc. I’m so, so sorry to hear about your daughter. It’s okay not to be strong right now – let us share the weight with you, instead. How can we support?


@sherryamc - we remember you - I’m glad to hear from you again but am so sorry it’s in these circumstances. I can’t imagine the grief you’re going through. The closest I’ve come is my brother’s girlfriend losing the battle. It is so so tragic. Such young beautiful lives filled with so much pain and yet so much potential. That’s what we fight here for everyday. That potential. I know a few of our members have unfortunately had to experience loss of loved ones. I hope they will share a few more words that might make sense to you now and perhaps offer some comfort - even sending some <3s here would be a great display of support. I’m sending all the love to you from my family to your family. You are in our thoughts <3 <3 <3


I didnt have enough room to type it in the first message, but I wanted to let you also know my daughter did not die from an overdose. However, waiting 3 to 6 months for autopsy I know that it was something to do with the rapid weight loss or something that is due to the abuse of her body from the drugs. I do believe that I will see her again and Im relying heavily on God and my family to help me get through these early days. Im not able to read all the stories that others are dealing with right now but when I get strong enough I want to come back. I just wish i knew how to reach out to those that my daughter hung around with and beg them to seek help. Thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts and If @erica doesn’t know your could tell her. Thanks again. All my love to all those who are missing loved ones during the holiday seasons whether they are passed or on the streets.


Oh @sherryamc I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter, and of course I remember you. Sending so much love to you and your family as you go through this, it’s a devastating loss and whenever you are ready to read other posts I hope you can find others who can relate.

Is there anything I can do specifically to help? I’ll send you a message as well.


Sending all the love to you and your family at this tough tough time. I am so so sorry for your loss <3
I know Erica is in the hospital with a friend right now too but I’ll be sure to pass on and please stay in touch. We’re here for you and love you contributions on the site when you can.
All the love, Jane