Tips to stay sane while a loved one is in an inpatient rehab stay?



This topic has come up many times and I thought we could try collecting top tips from our community on what has worked for you to stay sane while a loved one is in an inpatient rehab stay.


I’ll start!

My tip is: Meditation.

When my loved one (finally) accepted professional help in the form of a ~30 day inpatient rehab stay, I was thrilled. Finally he was getting the care he needed to get healthier and happier. Despite my happiness for him, I myself felt alone and distraught. I had spent so much mental energy worrying about him and focus on getting him into treatment, that I didn’t know what to do with that mental energy and myself.

During this time, I had the good fortune of being connected with a meditation teacher who taught me Vedic meditation (similar to Transcendental, or mantra driven, meditation). It helped me sit with myself in this new state of being alone and process a lot of what I had been through and also come to terms with this transitional phase. I’ve tried many different styles of meditation since then and it’s something I do daily to this day.


My husband was in rehab over the holidays. We had two Christmases to go to with his entire extended family, and I ended up not going to either of them. There was no way I could handle family gatherings, with his family, without him. I didn’t want to lie when they asked where he was and I didn’t want to break down and cry just being there. I’m so glad I made the decision to say no. So my tip would be to say no, set boundaries, and do what you need to do to take care of yourself - even if that means potentially disappointing others.