Tough 7 months and a little lost



Hello everyone. Just wanted to say after a tough and long 7 months my loved one finally went into recovery program this morning. Feels good but a little sad, just because of the overwhelming experience I guess. Just asking myself what next with myself? And even him, but I know he’s in good hands… I just feel a little lost again, I feel like I lost touch with friends and family over all of this and they don’t know why, so how do I begin to rebuild those relationships again? I know it’ll be okay but still a little lost…I thank God for all of this though, these battles are hard, for the addict and for the loved ones, strength and faith keeps me going through it all :pray:


@Letty14 - That is awesome to hear that your loved one is getting help! And yes, during this time please focus on you.

You start one step at a time. It can seem so overwhelming when we think about the process all at once. With anything, just focus on the next right thing to do for you. :sunflower:


I am so happy that your loved one has entered recovery and I totally understand how you feel. I felt that way when my daughter left for rehab. Unfortunately our loved ones addiction becomes all consuming. Not only of them, us too. Turning your focus to self care will help to begin to change your focus. For me I returned to much needed physical therapy sessions, I joined family women in a few outings of purse bingo, and I started every morning with listening to YouTube songs of faith that had been recommended in our group. Slowly but surely I began to become me again. As much as I was losing my daughter to SUD, I disappeared too. So do your best to use this opportunity to gain strength and be ready for a better future. Take time to consider boundaries that you may need to help keep yourself out of this terrible turmoil. I believe letting my daughter know that I could not continue living with someone in active addiction has helped her make better choices.

I pray for your family’s healing and that you quickly find yourself with renewed spirit!…and so it is! Amen!

Today I am grateful for this period of calmness and normalcy for my family and I pray for this blessing for all who are dealing with their own addiction or that of a loved one! For me, I intend to continue self care, to stay connected and not attached!…and so it is! Amen!


Thank you so much. I’m trying. Funny, I miss him, sober him. I will get through it.


Amen!!:pray::raised_hands: Thank you so much for your words. It’s hard to adjust and ask myself where do I start, but I believe God has me, I have to start things little at a time and actually go work on my mental and physical health… and other things to keep me sane.


You’re so right! Thanks, @sammiesame


Hi @Letty14 - I’m so glad your loved one is safe and in rehab. How are you doing? I ditto everyone’s suggestions here to use this time to take care of yourself. I’ll take it a step further and ask - what is something specific you can do to take care of yourself in the next 24 hours? Baby steps! Start small - even just waking up a little early to read or journal or drink coffee and stare into space can be considered self care if that’s what you need. :coffee:


Thank you. I’m trying still, that’s mostly what I been doing is just keeping a little busy, but the staring into space does happen a lot and it worries me just cuz I feel useless when I just want to do something but my mind is not letting me. I know it’s a process…