Tylenol or acetaminophen addiction awareness



This is my story. It started when my migraines came back. I get them frequently but this was everyday for over 2 months straight and I was in constant pain. My parents told me to whenever my head started to hurt remember to take a tylenol because it’s just tylenol how bad could it really be? After a while the tylenol stopped working, so I decided well maybe I just need to take more, so I did. I was taking maybe 4 pills at a time trying to get it to work. It didn’t help my body was too used to it. The next thing I know I was taking it just to feel normal. Every time I felt nauseous from anxiety I took a pill, every time I felt pain or headache I took a pill then another and another. I was an addict. The pills in high doses made me feel numb and it took away the pain, not the physical pain but what had become the mental pain. I didn’t know that you could even become addicted to tylenol because “it’s just tylenol what harm could it do” my friend confronted me about it about 2 months ago and the tylenol abuse at that point was bad I was taking 4-6 pills daily and on bad days 8-20 and it only takes 8 pills or 400 mg of the exstra strength kind to overdose, I am lucky that never happened, tylenol is also the most painful drug to overdose on because it’s so slow. I am currently struggling with cravings and just having severe urge to just take 1 more but I havent, i am about a month clean now and I struggled with this for about half a year. On top of everything I am in high school and my parents don’t know but i have my close group of friends who are always by my side through out it. I am sharing my story today because I dont want anyone else possibly getting addicted or overdose on tylenol because simply it’s not commenly warned enough about the subject, Please dont make the mistakes that I did. I am in church activities and finding a way out was the strongest thing that I ever did for myself. Please be aware of the risks involved with tylenol and look up this topic and educate yourself and others on !!