Update and celebrating the moments that make you remember!



Hey guys, things have been crazy and stressful buy great news. My fiance has been clean for 2 months almost now and this weekend she went to her first NA meeting in a long long time, all on her own too. She told me about it after she got back and I was blown away, such a big step. Now we’re going to go every week. It’s been a lot of ups and downs but these are the moments that make you remember that even though it’s hard and sometimes feels like a hopeless journey, progress happens at it’s own pace but you can get there :blush:


Yay @Dean_Acton so great to hear. Recovery is a winding road!!
I have to say that my husband keeps getting stronger and stronger and I still notice the difference month to month 3 years on!


Love the update @Dean_Acton - also love to hear any lessons learned over the past ‘crazy and stressful’ while?


Congratulations and so happy for the both of you!!:yum:


@Dean_Acton THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME. :tada: Thank you for sprinkling some encouragement in here, and inviting us all to celebrate the moments that help us remember that our hard work and patience (or sometimes lack thereof) is worth it!