What are some common signs of active addiction?


What are some common signs or red flags that you’ve noticed in your loved one that indicates they’re actively using a substance?

How do you typically feel and respond when you see these signs?


Hi Jacqui- Apparently there is a parade of signs when my son is in active addiction. Unfortunately, I also have some kind of emotional blindness that prevents me from seeing these signs for a while. Then, after some seminal event the signs all clearly appear. These include lying, not taking phone calls, having mismatched conversations, promises to visit, then something came up. I put it all down to some shame and my own fervent desire to trust.

I typically feel very afraid, mad, I cry easily, and lash out at innocent bystanders. My improvement is that I repeat a lot of Alanon sayings and adages and it helps me to re-establish myself as limited in my power to control someone else. So, if I sit with that long enough, then I can feel compassion, sorrow, hope, and gentle kindness. Hopefully my son gets me with the second phone call, not the first! Yikes! My human frailty strikes again!