What are some ways you are taking care of yourself to avoid relapse?



I’m always looking to add (or rotate in) new self-care options.


Focus on myself and self care


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Here are some Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) strategies for relapse prevention:

  • Identify personal internal and external triggers
  • Identify long and short term consequences of returning to use (or of a particular decision you are trying to make) to clarify what is best for you and reinforce desire/commitment/motivation to stay on your path
  • Identify high risk situations to avoid or plan for if necessary
  • Schedule time effectively and deliberately spend time doing other things that make you feel good
  • Regularly give yourself praise
  • Develop meaningful alternative activities to substance use (i.e. hobbies, sports, exercise, meditation, etc.)
  • Decreasing time spent in high risk situations, increase time spent in low risk situations
  • Role play situations to help you prepare to effectively navigate them
  • Talk in a group and/or to other to practice how to approach the situation
  • Be aware or irrational thinking and challenge any irrational thoughts throughout the day. (Is my thinking really true/accurate? Is there another way to think about this? Is my thought process helpful or hurtful to me?)
  • Identify negative/irrational thoughts and replace them with positive/more rational thoughts that will improve mood
  • Keep a journal (in your notebook, phone, or computer)