What are you grateful for today?


What are you grateful for today? Whether it’s something small or big, practicing gratitude can help us ground in the present moment and keep those negative, destructive thoughts from taking over.


Grateful for a rainy fall morning, in a sober and calm household, that makes it feel nice to be inside and warm!


I’m grateful for dinners together around the kitchen table, open windows, and a spiritual connection that helps me get through hard days and know everything will be okay.


I am grateful for spending time with family yesterday and the beautiful day today.


Grateful today for a warm coffee and peanut butter toast!


Today I’m grateful for books, blankets, my journaling practice, and long walks listening to a good podcast. I’m also thankful for people who hold space for those hurting, struggling, and just need to be seen/heard.


Today I’m grateful for blue, sunny skies; getting back into routine after the holidays; my son who is full of energy and innocence; and my new office desk. :blush:


I’m grateful for blue skies, lots of snowpack in the Sierras, and a friend that is going to lunch with me.:yum: