What are your thoughts on installing a breathalyzer in your loved one's car?



My family and I have been concerned about my mom driving while intoxicated, and there are breathalyzers that you can buy and install in your loved one’s car so that the car engine won’t start unless the driver passes the breathalyzer test. Have any of you used these before or installed them in a car? Curious to know how common and effective these are.


I didn’t know that could be done by anyone other than the courts. I know the ones installed by the courts are effective. I would look on the company website and then Google on your own to find out how reliable they are as well. Good luck!


Im not sure that’s possible either and honestly , it’s not helping her its enabling her , if your able to do that, she will just find another way to drive.
My suggestion is maybe to have a family intervention and let her know you care about her , and that she’s not only putting her life in danger by getting behind the wheel but many others.
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